Home Grow

Home Grow Setup and Operation

Good Greenery Consultants LLC works with some of the greatest growers in the country to provide unique professional assistance for all growers from novice to advanced. Our local services allow for hands on assistance with starting a home grow from seed to harvest. Our international services allow a diverse base of advance growers to be available for online chat support and peer to peer support calls for troubleshooting assistance.

Our Home Grow Services include:

  • Professional consultation and advising on purchase and installation of home grow equipment
    • In home consultation with a written recommendation of grow room set up and equipment suggestions.
      • We come to your proposed grow location and provide a detailed analysis of your space, along with an equipment list and discount code that can be used at area grow stores.
    • Installation of home grow equipment
      • Have our team of professionals assemble and install your hydroponic or soil system
    • Electrical and Construction services
      • Licensed and Bonded professionals that will discreetly provide services for cannabis home grow needs.
    • Complete installation and maintenance services
      • We provide complete installation, propagation, and maintenance of your own home grow. Similar to lawn services, we are your cannabis landscapers tending to your medical garden ensuring that quality flowers are grown from start to finish.
    • On call troubleshooting and emergency gardening assistance
      • 24hour call center and online chat assistance as well as emergency equipment repair and plant recovery services
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